Call For Paper

Abstract Content

Title Type the complete title of paper in the in the space provided
Authors & Co-Authors

Name of the presenting author and affiliation (use appropriate abbreviations for institution with city, state, country and code) should be typed in the given space. The presenting author only shall present the paper and the name cannot be changed later. In case of emergencies, at the time of conference the participation of this designated author is prevented; the chair(s) of the conference must be notified immediately.

Type the Co-Author(s) name(s) only in the space provided. Maximum number of Co-Authors should not be more than three (03).

Do not use titles; i.e. Dr., Ph.D., etc. Only affiliation of presenting author should be mentioned.

Do not mention affiliations of co-authors.

Abstract Abstract should also be submitted in MS Word Version 6.0/95 or a higher version. The text of the abstract should be typed in Times New Roman using font size of 12 with title in bold. The abstract should not be more than 250 words.
Keywords Not more than five key words to be typed in the space provided

Summary Content

SUMMARY (Separate attachment compulsory)
A two page summary of the work is required in the following sequence :

Title Without authors name and affiliation
Introduction Not more than 50 words
Objective Not more than 50 words
Experimental Methods
Results & Discussion You may include tables, figures and graphs
Conclusion Importance of the research findings is required. (Not more than 50 words)
Bibliography Main references (Not more than 3) should be included.
File Size Not more than 500 KB

Since the paper is to be coded for evaluation, the authors are requested not to mention any names and address on the summary pages.